Why Should We Trust You with Our Sadaqa Money?

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  • What is the Purpose of Amal Mabruuk Foundation?
    Amal Mabruuk Foundation is an organization that seeks to improve the Status of Muslims in Nigeria

  • What exactly do you do?
    We remind Muslims of the need to pay sadaqa We also make it easy for them to do so on a continuous basis The sadaqa collected is administered in order to have critical impact on the target communities

  • You don’t seem to have “big” names on your list?
    We are focused on all Muslims who are able to pay sadaqa so that they don’t miss out on the rewards promised by Allah to those who give

  • Is there a role for the “big” names?
    Obviously there is. However all of us tend to burden the few very rich among us and nearly cause fatigue. All muslims who can contribute should share in the fun of giving and the immense rewards due on the day of reckoning

  • How do you collect contributions?
    We DO NOT collect cash. Anyone pretending to collect cash is not from us. You can visit our website to make payment. You can use your phone using a *….. To make payment. You can do transfer into our account using your bank’s online platform

  • How much can I pay?
    We are suggesting N1,000 monthly or if you like N12,000 per annum at a go. If you are able to contribute more than this, we welcome it and pray that Allah will reward you for it

  • Do you collect Zakah too?
    Yes. But since Zakah is compulsory, you have to ensure that you calculate it properly and let us know that it is Zakah contribution so that we use it for only the 8 approved purposes Sadaqah money can be applied to more causes than the 8 allowed for Zakah

  • Can you help me calculate my Zakah obligation?
    We are going to provide a guide on same on our website and also a downloadable spreadsheet that will help you calculate it

  • What are you going to do with the Sadqah money you collect monthly?
    We are focussed at the initial period on
    Healthcare - hospitals and support to indigent medical personnel in areas such as O&G and radiology
    Education - schools, support to indigent students in critical fields
    Empowerment - vocational skills training to reduce skills gap and unemployment

  • Do you give out loans to small business owners?
    No. But we will help arrange training for them to prepare business plans to be presented to financiers

  • If I don’t have money or in addition to money, can I offer my services?
    Yes, we welcome that very much. We want people who can help us spread the message and identify potential contributors

  • How do we know that our contribution is well spent?
    • - We don’t collect cash. So there is an audit trail of collections
    • - We have policies and procedures adapted from world class practices
    • - We have an internal audit mechanism to ensure compliance
    • - There is a competitive bidding for jobs
    • - We work with professionals to ensure that jobs awarded are completed to the highest standard
    • - An independent and reputable external auditor verifies our activities and gives an opinion on same