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Clean Water For Healthy Communities

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Picture a day without clean water: You wake up to dirty clothes and bedding, as laundry is limited. You don’t take a shower, you can’t wash your face, and there is no coffee. As a woman in some places, you must take your daughter on a six-kilometer trek to fetch water for the day’s cooking, drinking, and caring of ill family members. To go to the bathroom, you wander deep into the fields, which is not only an inconvenience—it’s a safety risk. Besides snakes, spiders and aggressive animals, there are also ill-intentioned men. Sexual harassment and rape are not uncommon.
Sadly, the walk to the toilet isn’t the only risk; diseases caused by inadequate sanitation and unsafe water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Children are particularly at risk; one out of three children die every minute from a preventable water-borne disease. More than half of all primary schools in developing countries do not have adequate access to fresh water and nearly two-thirds lack facilities to go to the bathroom or wash hands.
Amal Mabruuk  is focused at helping communities across Nigeria with improved access to water and sanitation. Donate to help our community today.

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Feeding Program

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Feeding the community is a project that we do in collaboration with other Islamic/ Faith based NGO, who have developed skills and expertise in the field.  However, we approach this exercise from a more structured angle which enable us to start with feeding and gradually grow the individuals to a level where they can be self sustaining.
Assist us to feed the Hungry and the needy.

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Support the less-priviledged

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The alarming rate of poverty in our society today, in addition to the undesirable circumstances that surrounds many individuals, particularly the orphans and those that are suffering from one form of perpetual health deformity or the other, calls for passionate concern by Muslims. We as Muslims are specifically directed by Allah to provide care and support to the less privileged, wouldnt you rather support the less privileged and earn huge reward from Allah. Donate

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Making life better for children

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We give children and young people the practical and emotional support they need to help them thrive and build the skills they need for adulthood.